Beer & Burgers: How To Make The World’s Greatest Food Pairing Even Better

Beer & Burgers: Uncovered

Beer & Burgers: How To Make The World’s Greatest Food Pairing Even Better

The best drink in the world is beer. The best food in the world is burgers. These are indisputable facts. So when you put the two together, of course you get the ultimate food pairing.

As you fire up the BBQ this Australia Day, here’s some tips for making the most of your burger and beer experience. From what beers go well



Beer, beer, everywhere

Taking a giant bite of your burger and alternating with draughts of your ice cold frothie is the obvious way to mix up these two perfect flavours, but how about getting even more beery goodness into your meal by mixing some of the beer into your patty mix? The liquid can easily be worked in and brings out a whole new taste to your meat. The more malty and less hoppy, the better your burgers are going to taste. A stout works excellently.


Which beer works best?

Pale ales and summer ales are excellent compadres for a burger especially if you like your burgers rich and beefy. The lighter hops, bitter taste and fizziness will keep your palate fresh and hungry for even more burgery goodness.


What about cheese?

If you like lots of cheese on your burger, you’ll want a beer that can cut through. That means anything bittery, citrussy or flowery. Extra pale ales are perfect as they can be drunk over a long session, and work against the fat but with the flavor to ensure you don’t crash out from the meat sweats. Sweet is also good if you like a beer with a hint of caramel.

For blue or smoked cheese pick a brown ale or rye beer that’s darker in colour and taste. The complexity will enhance the big flavor in the cheese, sauce and seasoning.




Beer fried chicken? You better believe it. Beer can be added to a chicken marinade easily. White beers and lighter, fruitier ales work well here, maybe a summer ale. Same goes for veggies if you do those on the barbecue – although not sure all your guests will be too pleased with beer-coated capsicum to go with their beer-infused burger and long neck. They might start to question whether you have a problem.



Light beers

Pointless for beer pairing. Save them for the bloke eating salad in the kitchen who won’t even join in with the backyard cricket.