Bizarre Social Experiment With Androids In Sydney

They're coming!

Bizarre Social Experiment With Androids In Sydney PS4 Facebook

In celebration of the release of the much anticipated PS4 game Detroit: Becoming Human, a bizarre experiment was conducted in Sydney recently, where an "android helper" was introduced into the general public.

As you'll see, a trained actor was given a dog on a lead, and released to the world... a homage to the game just released, which pits people in a 2038 version of Detroit. The city has been rejuvenated by the invention and introduction of androids into everyday life, but when androids start behaving as if they are alive, events begin to spin out of control.

It's fair to say that things went a little more smoothly in the social experiment.


It's also fair to say that most punters, right now, aren't that keen on android permeating our society... just yet.

The game is out now and by all accounts, it's a ripper. Even by the visuals alone, we're excited!



Written by: @dantheinternut