Blokes Launch A MEAT PIE Into Outer Space


Blokes Launch A MEAT PIE Into Outer Space

(Image: Facebook)

A group of blokes have successfully launched a meat pie into outer space.

Yep. For real.

The pie was tied to a weather balloon with camera attached and sent 100,000 feet in the air.

The group behind the project, SentIntoSpace, launched the meat and potato pie skyward to see if it could withstand the rigours of such an extreme climate.

And it seems like it did.

“It was in decent shape, apart from the fact the lid came off when it landed and it had broken into two pieces,” SentIntoSpace’s Dan Blaney told the BBC.

It was assumed the pie would freeze upon reaching such a height, and cook right through as it made its way back down.

“This is the first step to enable mankind to consume pies with more elegance and comfort,” Bill Kenyon of Ultimate Purveyors from St Helens told the BBC.

“Neither the sky, nor the pie, should be the limit.

“The pie will be tested to the extreme. Its structural integrity will be test against the potential rigours of being served by a grumpy old lady from Wigan or being transported for delivery in a pie van that hits a pothole in Hindley.”