Canadian Bloke Stitches Up Police With Hilarious 'Ice Car' Prank

They took it pretty well!

Canadian Bloke Stitches Up Police With Hilarious 'Ice Car' Prank

Let's be honest, there's not many more pure things in the world than seeing someone pull one over the police - and one Canadian bloke has taken it to hilarious levels.

Montreal native Simon Laprise, a 33-year-old machinist and cabinet maker, has put his steady hands to good use during one clear, snowy night.

Following a giant dump of powder out the front of his house, Laprise went to work sculpting the most realistic looking snow car - alebit in a no parking zone.

Laprise even had a stroke of luck, finding a discarded windscreen wiper as the cherry on top of his creation.

The car is an absolute masterpiece.

So much so that the local police rocked up to dish out a ticket for parking in a non parking zone!

After inspecting the car, the original police officer quickly cottoned on to the stitch up, but then seemingly wanted to stick up a colleague, calling for back up.

Laprise then returned to the car to find a ticket under the windshield wiper that said, “You made our night.”.

I though the tickets was hilarious,” said Laprise. “But when I saw the cops pictures going viral on internet the next day, it was even better.”

Well played by all!