Celebrate Aussie's Best On International Beer Day

Beer Of Origin!!

Celebrate Aussie's Best On International Beer Day

It's International Beer Day... what a bloody ripper!

The only thing is though, we reckon stuff the International Beers, let's celebrate the best that Aussie serves up each and every day in pubs around Australia.

Introducing... Beer Of Origin

We've done a quick office poll and these have been voted the best beer in each state. See if you agree?

NSW - Tooheys New

Who doesn't love a fresh, cold New? It's an awesome beer and is definitely the beer of choice for punters visiting the harbour city and beyond.

It's so bloody good, it even keeps you company.

Image Source: Reddit


VIC - Victoria Bitter

Great beer... even better ads!


Matter of fact, we could go one right about now!


SA - West End Draught

Its motto is "It Pays To Be A Local", and this ripper has been around since 1859.

What's more, they do a hell of a lot for sport in South Australia. They sponsor both the SANFL and the SACA, as well as sponsor both the Redbacks and the Strikers in the Big Bash.

And, it looks like they're champions of a cause close to most AFL fans hearts.

Image Source: CargoCollective



You've got to be careful when googling this one at work... one lost X and you'll be flagged by the IT dept.

Just check this out...


Simple ingredients, bloody great beer!


WA - Emu Export

Any West Australian will tell you, they all secretly enjoy this iconic WA institution, the 'Bush Chook'. It's fresh, fruity, and they love it.

It's got to be cold though. Frosty cold!

It's so popular they make anything out of a 'Bush Chook'... from wedding cakes to decorating cars.

Image Source: Pilerats


TAS - Boags

Arguably the most boutique of the lot on this page and with good reason... it's a ripper.

When ever has TV lied to us?



ACT - See NSW ;)


NT - All Of The Above

It's so bloody hot in the NT that any of the above suits. Just make it super cold!

Wherever you are, happy International Beer Day - have one with us tonight :)


Written by: @dantheinternut