Did You Know You Could Earn More Than $450K A Year Just By Playing Fortnite?

New job, who's this?

Did You Know You Could Earn More Than $450K A Year Just By Playing Fortnite? AAP

Next time someone comments on how much time you spend gaming, we'd recommend showing them this story and then showing them the door.

A site called eSports Earnings has highlighted exactly how lucrative playing video games has become, listing the top 25 highest earning Fortnite players.

Fortnite, the third-person online action game that has hooked everyone from athletes to musicians, attracts massive gaming tournament prize pools, with more than US $11 million (AU $15 million) prize money awarded since February this year.

And one bloke in particular, Bizzle (AKA Timothy Miller) has raked in more than AU $450,000 of that money alone, making him the top earning player.

Even the guy rounding out the top 25 isn't doing too shabbily, winning AU $130,000.

eSports Earnings

Rather interestingly, the players on the list aren't necessarily the most popular or well known gamers; Ninja, for example, is one of the world's most famous streamers but because he doesn't play at many tournaments, he's not listed as reaping the monetary benefits.

Either way, it's pretty safe to say that it absolutely makes sense to quit your job in order to dedicate your time to playing Fortnite.

It's a career move.

*Our boss says that we can't actually recommend you do that.