Elderly Woman Charged For Making 420 Calls Demanding Paramedics Bring Her A "F*cking Pasty"

In court three times

Elderly Woman Charged For Making 420 Calls Demanding Paramedics Bring Her A "F*cking Pasty" Stock

An elderly woman has been in court three times in as many months after making hundreds of abusive calls to the emergency services demanding they bring her "a f*cking pasty".

Lena Taylor, 90, was first convicted of making nuisance calls back in July, at which point she was handed a two-year conditional discharge.

But between then and August 30, she made a further 420 calls, resulting in a second court date last month - and a third this month, after continuing to ring 000 another nine times.

Lee Poppett, who prosecuted the case, told the court that Taylor had used "foul and abusive language" but had not actually reported any emergency incident.

The judge heard that on July 28, Taylor called for an ambulance, saying: "I want them here now. Bring me a cup of tea and a pasty. Hurry up I'm starving."

In a second call later that day, she said: "My pasty's f*cking fell on the floor you stupid c*nts, get the ambulance now."

Taylor also used the calls to ask for lifts to the bingo.

"I've done my dinner, I need someone to take me to bingo to keep me calm," she said during a call on July 22. "Stop f*cking messing around with me. I'm not going to sit in this house all day."

Taylor's lawyer, Mark Harrison, said that while his client's language was "inexcusible", it was a "huge sadness" that she was before the courts again.

"She has almost this compulsion to ring the emergency services," he said. "She doesn't wake up in the morning wondering who to abuse next."

Taylor was given a 12-month community order and her emergency calls will be screened by her GP from now on.