Family Guy Finally Reveals Stewie's Real Voice

It's not what you'd expect.

Family Guy Finally Reveals Stewie's Real Voice

In a recently broadcast episode of Family Guy, the Griffins youngest child Stewie has finally revealed his 'real' voice.

Voiced by Family Guy creator Seth Mcfarlane, who also lends his voice to Peter and Bryan Griffin, Quagmire, Tom Tucker and a bunch more, Stewie is known for speaking with a posh British accent, which is completely opposite to every other characters New England accents.

However, in the recent episode 'Send In Stewie, Please', it was revealed that he's been putting the accent on all this time.



Asked by his therapist to be himself, Stewie says he 'doesn't know how'.

"Everything about me is this carefully constructed persona to keep people at arm's length. This isn't how I really talk," he says.

The show then makes the obvious jokes that Stewie's real voice sounds a lot like all the other characters McFarline voices.

It's unsure if Stewie will adopt his new/real accent for Family Guy episodes going forward.