Fancy A Night In a Formula 1 Pit Garage?

Sleep With These Beauties...

Fancy A Night In a Formula 1 Pit Garage?

It's not exactly the Ritz... but here's something for hardcore Formula 1 fans to experience.

A night sleeping in a Formula 1 garage.

Williams and its title sponsor Martini are offering 2 lucky people the chance to spend a night eating, drinking and sleeping in their pits at Silverstone, surrounded by the cars.

This once in a lifetime opportunity will happen the night before this year's British Grand Prix.

Even driver Felipe Massa is green with envy.

“I will be really really jealous, I wanted to go myself, I wanted to sleep together with the race-cars," the Brazilian said.

A house rule?

"No wearing a helmet in bed, helmet hair is not a good daytime look."

To win, entrants just have to explain what they love about racing and why they should be the lucky one chosen to stay a night at the Williams garage.

Now for the catch...

Entrants have to be aged 25 or over and a resident of either Belgium, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Sadly, Aussies will have to find somewhere else to sleep.

Wonder if there's room at the Red Bull inn... anyone got Daniel Ricciardo's number?