German Beer House Up For Grabs

Totally Legit... Cheers To That!

German Beer House Up For Grabs

Dreams can come true.

A German Beerhouse in Newcastle (NSW) is up for grabs in, yep you guessed it, a pub raffle.

Why bloody not? There's even a video explaining the whole glorious prize.



To be in the running for the main prize, which is ownership of Das Hund Haus AND $30K cash, you just have to buy a $25 2-for-1 meal voucher in their promotion called Dog Tags.

Of course it's called that ;)

The actual details of the prize are listed below

  • The lease
  • Inventory and Stock (the alcohol on hand will be less than 20 litres - sadly)
  • Plant and equipment
  • Bond
  • Legal fees on transfer of the property, completely unencumbered
  • $30,000 cash (in the form of a bank cheque)

Das Hund Haus seats 130 patrons, and features eight taps of German beer like Lowenbrau, Hofbrau, Franziskaner, Paulaner, plus a few more.

Also up for grabs is Das Hund Haus' secret recipe for their famous pork knuckle.

Why wouldn't you have a go?


Written by: @dantheinternut