How To Guarantee Yourself A Car Park This Christmas

The maths behind jagging a spot

How To Guarantee Yourself A Car Park This Christmas

We've got the hot tip on how to get that elusive car park at the shops this Christmas.

Mathematician Joseph Pegano says people usually fall into a couple of categories when looking for a car space:

THE CIRCLER - driving around endlessly hoping to spot someone leaving. Minimal chance of success.

THE STALKER - following someone at slow speed back to their car, only to find they often swap aisles. 

Pegano says THIS is the ultimate way to guarantee yourself a car park:

1. Pick an aisle with at least TEN cars down each side.

2. Wait. ( you might also call it lurking)

3. Statistically, 1 shopper from that aisle will be leaving within 9 minutes, allowing you to snap up their space.

He does have one disclaimer though - the cars have to belong to shoppers, not staff. " As long as the assumptions are there, it works sure fire!".

Happy Stress Free Christmas Shopping!