Irish Soccer Team Fake Player’s Death To Get Game Postponed

"I'm absolutely dumbfounded"

Irish Soccer Team Fake Player’s Death To Get Game Postponed Image: Ballybrack/Facebook

An Irish amateur soccer team have faked the death of one of their player’s just so their game could be postponed.

Ballybrack FC was scheduled to play Arklow Town but the match was cancelled after Ballybrack’s Spaniard import Fernando Nuno la Fuente was falsely reported to have died in a car crash.

In-fact teams in the League sent out condolences after hearing of the news via social media.


However it has been confirmed that the player is not dead but just back in his homeland.

"We were informed on Friday morning that a young lad had passed away,” League Chairman David Moran said. 

“So, yesterday we asked the secretary for the league to find out when the funeral was or what was happening so we could send a representative of the league and make sure the family was alright for a few bob.

"We got a call back saying that his body had been sent back to Spain and that's when the alarm bells rang.

“I was saying 'what do you mean?'. They wouldn't have been able to do an autopsy or whatever in that time.

"We started investigating it yesterday and then I got a call saying that he had just left to go home to Spain.

“I’m delighted the young lad's alive but I'm absolutely dumbfounded by what's going on."

Ballybrack apologised in a Facebook post.


There is currently an on-going investigation.