It's Been Proven A Small Sleep In Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

The perfect excuse

It's Been Proven A Small Sleep In Can Actually Help You Lose Weight Image: Shutterstock

Researchers in the UK believe they just might have the next best weight loss tool and it won't cost you a fortune either. 

A study from the King's College in London has revealed that just an extra 20 minutes sleep a day could be the key to cutting dirty eating habits and lead to weight loss. 

For the study, 40 healthy people (averaging between five to seven hours sleep per night), were spilt into two different groups with one group going about their normal bedtime routine. 

The second group, through medical advice were advised to avoid caffeine, create a relaxing bedtime routine and not go to bed too hungry or full. 

The results showed, 86% of participants in the second group were able to increase their sleeping time on average by 20 minutes. 

After a month, their new sleeping patterns resulted in a decrease in sugar intake by 10g. 

The decrease in sugar equals roughly 40-less calories per day. 

"Our results show the more sleep you get, the better you eat," Dr Wendy Hall  from King's College London said. 

"The fact that extending sleep led to a reduction in intake of free sugars, by which we mean the sugars that are added to foods by manufacturers or in cooking at home as well as sugars in honey, syrups and fruit juice, suggests that a simple change in lifestyle may really help people to consume healthier diets."

So now you have the perfect excuse when you arrive that little bit late to work.