John Oliver Is "F*cking Done" After Russell Crowe Pulls Off Epic Chlamydia Gag

"My work here is done"

John Oliver Is "F*cking Done" After Russell Crowe Pulls Off Epic Chlamydia Gag Last Week Tonight

Here's a question for you: When Russell Crowe decided to auction off a couple hundred of his personal belongings, do you think he could possibly have envisaged that it would end up linked to chlamydia? 

The Gladiator actor's Art of Divorce auction is the gift that keeps on giving thanks in no large part to US TV host John Oliver, whose attempt at doing good has been matched - and trumped - by Rusty himself.

It all started when Oliver revealed that he had actually bid on a number of items in the Sotheby auction in April, telling his Last Week Tonight audience that he had paid US$7,000 for the jockstrap that Crowe wore in Cinderella Man.

Along with the vest Crowe wore on Les Mis, a hood from Robin Hood and Crowe's director's chair from American Gangster, Oliver announced that he was donating the leather codpiece to the very last Blockbuster Video store in America to help boost business.

When Crowe heard about Oliver's good deed, he Tweeted that he was planning on how best to use the money, saying: "Given he's often shown genuine love for Australians and Australia, it's got to be something special."

And special it was. The 54-year-old used Oliver's money to open "The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward" at Australia Zoo to help scientists and researchers in the fight against the rampant marsupial STD.


"Thank you so much to Russell Crowe for your amazing donation to help these koalas," the Irwin family said in a video as they unveiled the plaque. "And a big thank you to John Oliver for buying some of Russell's incredible things in his auction.

"You are helping in the fight against chlamydia, and a plaque has been organised in your honour."

Oliver broke the news to his audience over the weekend, saying that he was "f*cking done".

"Back when this show started, I wrote down my one and only goal for it... a koala chlamydia ward," he said. "What I'm saying here is, we have accomplished everything we set out to do on this show, so we are f*cking done here.

"My work here is done."