Lord Of The Rings Could Be Rebooted As A TV Series

Discussions underway.

Lord Of The Rings Could Be Rebooted As A TV Series (Image: New Line Cinema)

Lord of the Rings could be back on our screens...in the form of a TV series.

Variety has reported Warner Bros. Television and the estate of late author J.R.R. Tolkien are in discussions with Amazon Studios to launch a TV series based on the books.

They even reported Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been "personally involved" with the negotiations - a rarity for Amazon deals - but the man is known to be a big fan of fantasy and science fiction.

He has a cameo in Amazon Theatre film Tooth Fairy asa security guard, and appeared in a Star Trek film last year.

"For years I have been begging Paramount, which is owned by Viacom, to let me be in a Star Trek movie," he said last year.

"I was very persistent … I said, 'Look, I'll put any amount of make-up on, I'll be invisible, nobody will know it's me, but I want a speaking part and I want it to be in a scene that is central to the storyline so I cannot end up on the cutting room floor'."

No deal is set at this stage, with the negotiations in early stages at this point, so we'll have to sit around and wait on whether these discussions are successful.

Deadline has reported the rights to adapt Tolkien's work to the TV screen could cost as much as $250 million. 

Bezos was named by Forbes as the richest person on the planet last month, overtaking Bill Gates with a worth of around US$90 million.

So a Lord of the Rings TV adaptation could be a passion project he ends up shelling out for.