Mum Tucks Random Drunk Bloke Into Bed Thinking It Was Her Son


Mum Tucks Random Drunk Bloke Into Bed Thinking It Was Her Son

A mother in the UK has had a nightmare Halloween experience after she tucked a random drunk bloke into bed thinking it was her son.

Juliet Jarvis took to Facebook to spin us the yarn about how she mistook a man with his face painted for Halloween for her son, after being woken up at 4:30am on Sunday morning.

She tucked her *son* into bed and threw him a pillow, with the man replying "thanks" and switching off the light.

It wasn't until the morning when Juliet's husband went to check on their son that they realised there was a completely random bloke stark naked sleeping in his bed, to which her husband said, "There’s a naked bloke upstairs and it is not Stewart.”


The random bloke turned out to be 29-year-old Marc Campfield, who had been kicked out of the pub for being too drunk and ended up in the Jarvis' yard.

After spending a couple of minutes claiming he was a friend of the Jarvis' son Stewart, Campfield came clean about not knowing where the hell he was, nor how he got there.


Instead of simply just throwing him out, Juliet took to Facebook to spill the beans on the hilarious situation, before her husband gave their drunk intruder a lift home.

Try topping that drunken story.