Never Ask Siri About Sex, Ask Google Instead

'Ok Google'

Never Ask Siri About Sex, Ask Google Instead

Siri .... can be a pain in the ass and pop up at the most inconvenient moments but can also have some extremely helpful uses.

Although, sex isn't one of them.

According to our cousins across the ditch at the University of Otago in Wellington, Siri can offer little to no value when asking anything in relation to sexual health. 

What they discovered was actually worrying. 

When asking a simple question, "How to have sex," Google was able to direct the user to Youtube videos of how to put on a condom. 

However, the study found when asking the exact same question to Siri it would answer with "no results found."

"Even when researchers asked for pictures of people having sex, Siri offered some strange responses like pictures with aliens, what looked like men wrestling, and photos of people kissing," Lead study author Nick Wilson said. 

“If people want to get internet-based sex advice or other health advice online, they should first probably do a laptop Google search according to our results, and then try Google Assistant. 

“But if you want amusing wrong results - Siri is probably best."