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Nintendo Drops Big Hint The N64 Could Return

Are we in for a reboot?

Nintendo Drops Big Hint The N64 Could Return Image: Getty

Nintendo has hinted its classic console, the N64, could make a return.

A Japanese Nintendo blog has spotted Nintendo has filed for an N64 trademark in Japan, including the video game program, controller, joystick and machine.

It's another step for Nintendo, who've previously released the NES Classic and SNES Classic to popular demand.

Zelda has also previously filed to protect a new image of the N64's classic three-pronged controller last year.

Nintendo has neither confirmed nor denied any news about an N64 reboot.

Some of the games will be tough to replicate - many of the console's iconic titles were developed by Rare, a company now owned by Microsoft.

But it's definitely fuelled plenty of speculation about Nintendo's next project.

Keep an eye on this one.