Nintendo Just Proved Growing Up Is Overrated

The Super NES Is Back!

Nintendo Just Proved Growing Up Is Overrated

Get ready for some long nights on the couch with this one.

Nintendo is cashing in on nostalgia with the release of the Super NES Classic Edition.

The miniature version of the original home console comes preloaded with favourites like Mario Kart, Super Mario World and Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.


It certainly is a link to the past, even the price tag is will be $119.95.

New fans will be able to play some of Nintendo's greatest games while longtime fans can relive their childhood with family and friends.

The NES Classic looks and feels the same as the old one, but is smaller and comes preloaded with 21 classics.

The 16-bit box of fun be out on September 30.

Did we mention it also plays Donkey Kong?

Growing old is over-rated anyway.