Open Australian: Iconic Aussies Put To The Test

Aussies Put To The Test

Open Australian: Iconic Aussies Put To The Test

This week is one of the highlights of the Aussie sporting calendar: the Australian Open. To mark the occasion, we set out to uncover more about what makes brilliant Aussies tick. 

So - along with our good mates at Coopers - we set Tommy Little the task of finding us three iconic Aussies, people who have enjoyed unparalleled success in their fields, who have always retained a strong sense of their Australian identity. 

He found us Sam Groth, the owner of the world's fastest tennis serve; Paul Dempsey, legendary rocker and front man of Something For Kate; and Alisa Camplin, the winner of the country's second ever Winter Olympic Gold Medal.

We got Tommy to experience for himself a bit of their practice regime, whether facing a serve, singing a classic Aussie song, or somersaulting like an aerial skier.

Then asking them about their career and what it means for them to be an Aussie.

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