Parrot Stuck On Roof Tells Firefighter To "F*** Off"

Not Even A Thank You

Parrot Stuck On Roof Tells Firefighter To "F*** Off" Paul Wood

A turquoise and yellow macaw who got stuck on a roof told the firefighter who went to rescue it to "F*** Off!"

Jessie, from Edmonton North London, had been on her owner's roof for three days when firefighters took to the ladders to find if she was injured and to bring her down. They had been advised by Jessie's owner to try enticing her by saying "I love you".

In return, Jessie hurled a barrage of swear words at the fire crew, starting with "F*** off!"

Having finished her tirade, Jessie proved she was not injured in the slightest by flying off to the next door roof, then a nearby tree, then finally back to her owner. 

The bird didn't even say "thank you". Although possibly something that sounded like that...