Revealed: The Truth Behind This Classic Champagne Hack

Does the old spoon in the bottle work?

Revealed: The Truth Behind This Classic Champagne Hack Pixabay

October 21 is Global Champagne Day, so we set to work to find out the truth behind the oldest myth about the bubbles.

We all do it. But does it actually work? On those rare occasions when you leave some Champagne in the bottle and want to keep it for the next day, does putting a metal spoon, handle down, in the top before you place it in the fridge, actually work?

There’s plenty of people who swear by it. Anecdotally, there’s no shortage of support for it.

However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that backs the claim up.

As reported in renowned American journal, Scientific American, Stanford University chemist Richard Zare undertook a study to research the folklore and found it to be a myth.

The study – carried out by Zare and various enthusiastic friends - took several bottles and placed them under different preservation techniques over 26 hours. There was no notable difference, after a taste test.

“We really tested it quite extensively”, said Zare.

The television show Mythbusters arrived at a similar conclusion.


There you have it. A piece of kitchen folklore that has existed as long as the days when the blind monk Dom Perignon accidentally invented Champagne, (well, nearly), is nonsense.

So you may as well just finish the bottle when you have the chance.

Happy Global Champagne Day.

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