Shane Warne Jagged A Hole-In-One At Augusta On The Weekend

What can't he do?

Shane Warne Jagged A Hole-In-One At Augusta On The Weekend Image: Instagram/Shane Warne

Shane Warne is obviously a cricket legend, and achieved more or less everything a cricketer can (barring an international ton) — 700 Test wickets, seven Ashes wins and a World Cup.

But this weekend he managed to achieve another sportsman’s dream, although in a different sport.

The great man managed to nab a hole-in-one at the 16th hole at the legendary Augusta National Golf Club — the site of the prestigious US Masters every year.

The 16th is a par 3 170-yard hole, although Warnie was only playing 155 yards.

James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless discussed Warnie’s hole-in-one on the first episode of the Rush Hour today:


“If you’re trying to think back, it’s where Tiger (Woods) chipped in,” JB said.

“Went back left and hit it up the hill… trickled back down and just fell in… It’s amazing.

“The king has gone and played there and he’s had a hole-in-one.”

Warnie tweeted about the achievement in response to a tweet praising him for it.



Warnie joined some serious company, including Aussie Adam Scott who aced it in 2012.

The round at Augusta is part of a cross country golf tour Warne is doing.



Is there anything he can’t do?