Simpsons Nerd Brings The Car Homer Designed To Life

'The Homer'

Simpsons Nerd Brings The Car Homer Designed To Life

Lovers of The Simpsons will remember fondly the episode when Homer's millionaire half-brother Herb was uncovered.

Herb gives Homer a job at his automobile manufacturer company, Powell Motors.

Homer's car design for the everyday man, 'The Homer', is a massive flop and subsequently sends Herb and Powell Motors broke.

But that piece of fictional history has deterred one loose unit in the US from bringing The Homer the life.


The Homer is fully functional and registered to drive on the roads, although it looks absolutely ridiculous. 

Just incase you were wondering, here's the car’s features, according to the Simpsons Wiki:

  • The Homer has two bubble domes; one in the front, while the one in the back is for quarreling kids, and comes with optional restraints and muzzles.
  • According to Homer, the engine sound causes people to think “the world’s coming to an end.”
  • There are three horns, as Homer claims that “you can never find a horn when you’re mad.” The three horns play the song “La Cucaracha.”
  • The car also features gigantic cupholders, which actually became a feature on many cars in the 1990s onward.
  • The car has various outdated features such as bubble domes, shag carpeting, and tailfins. It also has a metal bowler as a hood ornament.