Six Of The Best Nudie Runs In Sporting History

Epic streak

Six Of The Best Nudie Runs In Sporting History AAP

Regardless of the location, streaking is a time-honoured tradition stretching back, believe it or not, to 1799 when an English man was arrested in London after running almost a kilometre in his birthday suit.

And, really, nothing has changed since then; when he was pulled up by the cops, the bloke told them he was doing it for a bet. 

Now, nudie runs at sporting events seem to be part and parcel of a day out. Any excuse to get your kit off, hey?

Bloke Causes A Try To Be Disallowed



The year was 2013 and, in the dying minutes of State of Origin III, a streaker invaded ANZ Stadium and made it almost the full length of the field before stacking it just short of the try line. Wati Holmwood's run was subsequently judged to have impeded Blues players, leading to a try from Queensland being disallowed.

Bloke Loses A Bet At The Baseball

Unsurprisingly, there was both alcohol and a bet involved in Collin Grundstrom's streak at a 2012 Phillies-Cardinals game. The 22-year-old took off across Busch Stadium in the nip at the start of the seventh inning but, despite his desperate attempts to escape capture, was quickly taken down by officials.

The stadium's head of security said that it appeared Grundstrom, who said he had lost a bet, "appeared to have been drinking".

Bloke Loses His Dacks, Keeps His Singlet

Fans turning out to see David Beckham playing for LA Galaxy shortly after his 2007 debut got more than they bargained for when a bloke whose commitment to getting naked seemed a little half-hearted took off across the pitch. Still wearing his singlet - and with his trousers around his ankles - the streaker managed to run the length of the field twice before being tackled.

Bloke Becomes The First Streaker At Perth's New Stadium

If you're not first you're last, right? As Perth's Optus Stadium welcomed its first sporting game - an Australia v England ODI - it also welcomed its first streaker. We've since learned that he'll be crowdfunding to pay off the $5000 fine he copped for his nudie run which, however you feel about it, is a pretty ballsy move.

Bloke Gets Caught By The Boundary Fence

What is it about cricket that makes everyone want to take their kit off? January 2017 saw a sun-smart streaker clutching only his hat make a run across a pitch in New Zealand during a NZ Black Caps v Australia ODI. He almost outran security but, in the end, was caught out by the boundary fence. Ouch.

Woman Disrupts The 1982 VFL Grand Final

Helen D'Amico made her presence at the 1982 VFL Grand Final between Carlton and Richmond known, streaking across the pitch in nothing but a supporters' scarf. She tried to approach legend Bruce Doull - who was having none of it - before teammate Wayne Johnson stepped in to help.