So Turns Out We Have A Competitive Hide And Seek Team

Aussie. Aussie. Aussie.

So Turns Out We Have A Competitive Hide And Seek Team Supplied

Us Aussies are great in every sport. So it was little surprise that after finding out there is competitive Hide & Seek, that the Aussie team is pretty good at it.

The competitive version of hide & seek is called Nascondino.

The Australian team's Co-Captain, Alan Jones, explained it best to the ABC

"At first you've got a minute to go and hide, and then the seeker comes out looking for people. They come out from a giant beanbag, which is the safe zone, and start looking for people.

"If they see you, they'll call out the colour of your shirt and start running back to the safe zone.

"So if you can get back without them seeing you or if you can run faster and beat them back then you score points."

What's better is how the Aussie team got to the World Championships

"We had never heard about it until we heard an interview on Radio National, about a year ago," Mr Jones said.

"We like to do crazy things together, so he rang me up and he said: 'How about we have a crack at this?'"

The boys asked the organisers whether they needed to be represented by a national sporting body or go through an approval process to enter the tournament.

"They said: 'Oh no, just enter a team,' so we did," Jones said.

"That's got to be the easiest way in the world to wear the green and gold in an international competition … ever."

What's better the guys may have discovered a good little airport perk

"When you're leaving through an international airport in Australia, everybody assumes that when you wear the green and gold that you're from a real sporting team," he said.

"So we were taking selfies with people, and I even got an upgrade on the plane."

Our Aussie team came 8th in the World Championships

Check out what it's all about below.