Some Seinfeld Nerd Broke Down Seinfeld And It's Glorious!

Yada yada yada

Some Seinfeld Nerd Broke Down Seinfeld And It's Glorious! Breaking Down Seinfeld

There's so much yada yada yada here, we don't know where to start.

Seeing it's been 20 years since the Seinfeld finale aired in America, some Seinfeld boffin somewhere managed to get a hold of all the scripts from the 173 or so episodes that went to air, and ran some serious statistical analysis on them to come up with a whole bunch of conclusions.

How's some of this for starters:

  • Not surprisingly, Jerry and George had the most interactions in the show. What might be surprising is how little Newman and Jerry interacted comparatively
  • As the show went on, the focus shifted from Jerry dramatically, to the point that by show's end, he was pretty much on-par with the rest of the cast for character involvement
  • Elaine's most frequently used 4 word phrase was "Ha Ha Ha Ha"
  • George's was "What kind of a"
  • Kramer's was "I want you to"
  • Jerry's was "Yeah come on up"
  • Again, not surprisingly, the stats reveal that George had a bit of a thing for toilets

The website is amazing, and for any Seinfeld fan, it's a must read


Written by: @dantheinternut