Student Party Gets So Loose The Air Tests Positive For Alcohol

What a night.

Student Party Gets So Loose The Air Tests Positive For Alcohol Image: Getty/Google Earth

There was so much booze consumed at a college party in the United States that police say the air tested positive for alcohol.

Around 70 American students got absolutely shit-faced at an event back in mid-November titled 'Tequila Tuesday', over in Bethesda, Maryland.

Police were called after nearby residents called to make a noise complaint, with three officers shutting the party down.

Eight individuals locked themselves in a bathroom and another jumped out of a second-story window to avoid being cited by police, according to WJLA.

The partygoers - all between 17 and 20, below the legal US age - were all reportedly breathalysed as they left the party, while even the ambient air recorded a reading of 0.01 BAC.

It's not enough to blow a positive reading but that's a pretty impressive feat, and tells you just how much alcohol these students were guzzling.

The six residents of the house have been charged with 126 counts each of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

They all refused to tell police exactly how they got their hands on that much booze.

The six of them are all enrolled at American University and are member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon's AU chapter, which has received three conduct violations already this year.

They face fines of up to $315,000 each due to the stack of criminal charges, but the likelihood of a penalty that severe is reportedly extremely slim.

Must have been one hell of a night.