Terrified Farmer Calls In Armed Police About Tiger In His Shed, Turns Out To Be A Stuffed Toy

There was a 45-minute stand-off

Terrified Farmer Calls In Armed Police About Tiger In His Shed, Turns Out To Be A Stuffed Toy UK Cop Humour/ Facebook

Armed police descended upon a rural property over the weekend after a terrified farmer spotted a tiger in his cowshed and, understandably, freaked the hell out.

Except that, after a 45-minute stand-off involving three response units and a dog handler, it turned out that the terrifying beast was actually a giant stuffed toy.

The whole saga started when Bruce Gibb, a 24-year-old dairy farmer from Scotland, stepped out of the housewarming party he was hosting at his new home to check on his 200 pregnant cows.

When he spotted the big cat in his barn, however, he paused only to take a photo before turning and making a run for the phone.

"Photographs of said tiger were sent to the control room and an expert sergeant confirmed it was definitely real," the UK Cop Humour Facebook page recounted. "Cue numerous units, including three ARVs and a dog handler, being sent to the farm to tackle this beast."


Instead of ANY ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE realising it was a false alarm, the responding officers then entered into a tense stand-off, all of which was relayed back to control.

"Nervous radio updates start coming in stating that it was unclear if the tiger had eaten any cattle but it appeared well fed and its ears were seen to twitch, but other than that it was very settled," the now-viral Facebook post continued.

"After some time a rather sheepish sounding sergeant comes on the air and declares that it was indeed a stuffed toy!"

Grubb has since spoken to the Scottish Sun, explaining that he "felt a bit silly for calling the police."

"I thought it was a real emergency," he continued. "We're laughing about it now but it was very scary at the time.

"The local police force later confirmed it was a 'false call made with genuine good intent'."

An embarrassed Grubb still hasn't figured out who's to blame for the prank but whoever it was deserves a beer.