That $55 Million VIC Lotto Win Is Still Unclaimed

Someone is sitting on a goldmine

That $55 Million VIC Lotto Win Is Still Unclaimed

It's everyone's dream to win the lottery, and for someone in Melbourne's north that dream came true last week - accept it would seem that they just don't know it yet.

Someone from Brunswick took out last week's whopping $55 million Powerball jackpot all by themselves, but they are yet to step forward and claim the prize money.


Whether they're unaware they're sitting on a literal goldmine, they lost their ticket, or they're just taking their time savouring the win; the life-changing ticket purchased from Scole Lotto & News remains unclaimed.

And while it remains unclaimed, we're expecting a flurry of people to visit Brunswick in the hope of finding a lost $55 million Powerball ticket in the hope of striking it rich.