The Aunty Donna Boys Are Releasing An Album

Named 'The Album'

The Aunty Donna Boys Are Releasing An Album Image: Aunty Donna

Aussie comedy group Aunty Donna are bringing their unique sense of humour to the realm of music, with first their album set to drop in April.

The album — titled The Album — will be drip-fed to us via their YouTube ahead of its release on April 6.

A statement the boys released suggested their dogs aren’t quite as into The Album as they are.

“When we started making this album we had no idea that we’d lose all our dogs,” the statement said.

“They all ran away and we are very upset. Mine ran away after I played a song from the album, but Broden just left the gate open one night.

“His dog never got the chance to hear any of the album.”

They also dropped the first track from The Album today, called Chuffed (Dad Song), about a dad who is chuffed.

Check it out here, with a cameo from all round good bloke and Melbourne comedy legend Aaron Gocs:


The Album track list:

1. Silly Sound Song
2. Chuffed (Dad Song)
3. Fuccboi Anthem
4. Sometimes I Struggle To Finish Projects
5. Best Day Of My Life feat. Demi Lardner
6. I Can’t Hear Out Of My Left Ear
7. Professor Whiskers
8. The Theme From Friends
9. War Isn’t Cool feat. Michelle Brasier
10. Chop Chop [English Version]
11. Don’t Put This On At Parties
12. The Best Freestylers in the World feat. Montaigne and Boilermakers
13. Phonecall
14. Aunty Donna Theme feat. SUB-Human
15. (Walking In On Someone) Doin’ A Poo
16. Secret Track. Pls Don’t Listen