WATCH: The Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads

These are great!

WATCH: The Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads Image: Amazon

Almost 200 million people worldwide will watch the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles do battle for the right to be crowned 2018 Super Bowl champions. 

This huge viewership, with the bulk coming from America where they actually understand what's happening on-field, is a marketing circus for some of the biggest brands in the world.

This year, a 30-second TV commercial will cost a staggering $AUD7 million just to air during the game. 

Then throw in the production costs, including the high-calibre celebrities that usually appear, some brands could be paying upwards of $AUD10 million for merely 30 seconds of television time. 

Here are some of the big name brand commercials that will air during this year's Super Bowl. 

Amazon - Alexa Loses Her Voice (ft. Rebel Wilson)

M&M'S - Human (ft Danny DeVito) 

Pepsi - This Is The Pepsi 

Coca Cola - The Wonder of Us

Kia - Feel Something Again (ft. Steven Tyler)


Pringles - WOW (ft. Bill Hader) 

Doritos and Mountain Dew - Blaze v Ice (ft. Morgan Freeman & Peter Dinklage)