The Real Story Behind The Demise Of 'Sneans'

He speaks out

The Real Story Behind The Demise Of 'Sneans'

(Image: Facebook)

Over the weekend, there was a tragedy for all Sneans-loving passionate sneakers-and-jeans type operators around the country.

Cult-favourite Facebook page Sneans appeared to have been hacked - and Triple M's Will and MJ spoke to the creator to get to the bottom of what went down.

When asked what happened to the 120,000-likes page, Matty Burgess explained that he was robbed in elaborate fashion.

"It wasn’t just the actual Sneans page - my whole life was taken over by this guy," Burgess said.

"I lost every email, every social account."

Burgess believed he was targeted because of his ownership of the page, which was confirmed once he tracked down the hacker.

"He left his own email as a secondary one. So I sent him an email saying ‘what are you doing?’ and he said ‘I just want your page’," he said.

Burgess says that Facebook have been "useless" over the entire debacle, offering little-to-no support in page retrieval.

He is trying to take on a life after Sneans, starting up a new page and generating a new fan base - but the hacker is still following his every step.

"Last night I created the new one: Sneans OG. I made an official statement saying it was me, I had 2,000 likes within a couple of hours," Burgess said.


"Then about 9:30 last night another page pops up called ‘Sneans OG’ - and it’s our mate again!"

"He copy-pasted the statement, he copied the photo…"

Burgess has been touched by the amount of support that has been shown in the days after losing Sneans.

"It’s amazing. My personal inbox has blown up."

"The whole Sneans process I tried to keep myself anonymous but this has forced me to let everyone know who I am which is a bit strange."

Fingers crossed that Facebook can get its act together to help this poor bloke out - because it will be sad to picture a world where we can't enjoy such spectacular content as this:


Listen to the full chat here: