There's A Mullet Festival Happening On Friday

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There's A Mullet Festival Happening On Friday

There's a mullet festival on Friday and yeah, you guessed it, it's in Queensland.

An event page for the datival emerged on Facebook with close to 3,000 claiming to attend the event celebrating the most iconic hairdo of all time.

The event page lists the details for the festival as follows: "Its all about the mullets. If you got a filthy peice of mullet on the back of your head. Rock up. Drink up. And make sure that mullet is flaring. At the end of the day they will be an award for most disgusting, but beautiful mullet. And a prize of a 50 deck of winnie blues + and a 6 pack of your choice. So come on down for a bogan day out."


Funnily enough the event is not being held in South Australia, the mullet capital of Australia.

Instead turning its sights to the self-claimed bogan capital, Queensland - with the illustrious Redcliffe Skatepark being the venue of choice.

So if you're keen on hanging around with a bunch of blokes with Bogan Neck Warmers; you know where to be on Friday.