Three Of The Sickest New Gadgets You'll Be Able To Get Your Hands On This Year

Nerf guns just got an upgrade

Three Of The Sickest New Gadgets You'll Be Able To Get Your Hands On This Year Merge

The Consumer Electronics Show is basically the Oscars of the tech world, with the who's who of gadgetry descending on Las Vegas to unveil the brand new products that'll be taking over our lives before the year is out.

And we're not just talking 3.7 metre-wide televisions or virtual reality headsets, either; this is where anything that can be plugged in, turned on or connected to an app is debuted for the first time - minus any Apple products, obviously.

So what's turning heads this year? Here's what you should be keeping an eye on.

The Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant

Imagine your Google Home as a tablet that's run by your own personal secretary and that's what we're playing with here. USA Today couldn't heap enough praise on Lenovo's new smart home offering that, at the very least, looks seriously slick.

It also does a lot. Since it acts as a smart-home hub, you can teach it a daily routine that gets kickstarted by you saying, for example, "Hey Google."

Giving it your command of choice will have it turn on the lights, start brewing your coffee, give you the morning's weather, news and traffic updates and read you out that day's schedule. 

It comes in two sizes - 25.5cm and 20cm - and is tipped to go on sale towards the middle of the year. At the moment, pricing is sitting at about $320 and $250 respectively.

L’Oreal UV Sense

Told you it wasn't all VR and Playstations. L’Oreal are launching the UV Sense, a teeny tiny tracker that sticks to your fingernail and saves you from sunburn.

The little gadget connects to an app on your phone and will alert you to temperature, UV, pollen, humidity and air quality levels and - wait for it - will tell you when you need to reapply your sunsceen.

And it's not going to break the bank; L’Oreal are giving it a limited release during the US summer for $40 (about AUD$50) but a full roll-out is expected next year.

Merge 6DoF Blaster

The future meets the past - and it looks SICK. Merge VR have created the toy of your childhood dreams: a plastic gun that plugs into your iPhone and brings you a virtual reality experience without a headset or glasses. 

When you move, it moves and when you duck, it ducks, which means that if you're being shot at, you're going to need to physically take cover behind the lounge or a wall.

Merge reckon the 6DoF (stands for six degrees of freedom) Blaster will hit shops this year with a price tag in the region of $70.