Tomorrow Is Australia's Worst Day Of The Year For Hangovers

Costing the economy $12.8million

Tomorrow Is Australia's Worst Day Of The Year For Hangovers

Friday the 15th of December might seem like a mundane date, but according to a new survey it is the worst day of the year for bosses and business owners across Australia.

According to a new survey by same day delivery service Go People, tomorrow is the worst day for workplace hangovers throughout the country as people enjoy their office Christmas parties.

And with Australian's known to enjoy a festive beer or two, Friday the 15th of December is looking to be the least productive day of 2017, with a reported cost of $12.8million to the Australian economy as people down bacon and egg rolls and guzzle Powerade by the litre instead of going actual work.

The survey also asked how people usually spend their time at work when hungover, with 6.7% of respondents admitting to hiding in the bathroom, 18.5% wasted their day mindlessly surfing the internet, while 19.9% got through the day by doing boring admin work.

Funnily enough, 22.7% of people admitted to spending the day telling their colleagues how loose their night was.

You might have to take all those figures with a grain of salt though, with 60% of people claiming they've never been hungover at work, which is a straight up lie.