Two Aussie Brothers Have Made Their 'Angry Dad' Famous

'You guys are f**kwits'

Two Aussie Brothers Have Made Their 'Angry Dad' Famous

Image: Facebook/AngryDad

Two brothers from Melbourne have turned their dad into an out-and-out internet celebrity by posting hilarious videos of their pranks and jokes online.

Mitchell and Dylan Orval have amassed close to 150,000 followers on the AngryDad Facebook page after starting it in October last year.

The Angry Dad videos have since been viewed by millions around the world and been featured on websites like the Chive, Lad Bible and UniLad.

"We have been filming dad for as long as we've had phones. It wasn't until we actually uploaded one online, we realised how many people thought it was hilarious because to us it was just normal," Mitchell told Triple M.

Mitchell says his Dad's new found status as an internet celebrity hadn’t really sunk in until he was photographed by a 'fan' having a coffee in Knox City.

"Someone took a photo of him and posted it on our wall. That day he got home and looked at me and Dylan and said 'You guys are f***wits, I can't even have a coffee in peace now!'"

AFL fans might recognise 'Angry Dad' AKA Mark Orval who played a few games for Collingwood in the late 80s.

You can watch a (heavily censored) example of Angry Dad videos below, or see the original NSFW versions on the official Facebook page.