Two Aussie Legends Busted A Robbery At Oporto During A Big Night Out

They got the whole thing on video.

Two Aussie Legends Busted A Robbery At Oporto During A Big Night Out

James Ross-Munro and Kane Wiblen were just enjoying a night out on the Gold Coast when they stumbled across some thieves trying to break into Oporto in Arundel. 

Despite a pair of broken thongs and a lack of shirts, the pair immediately sprung into action and tried to chase down the robbers.

And they managed to capture the entire encounter in a hilarious video which has now gone viral. Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the video.

James Ross-Munro told Triple M exactly what happened.

"It was a bit wild and a bit unexpected," he said, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"We'd been out at the pub all night at a 'stubbies and singlet' party. And we thought we'd go get some noodles, go home and crash out because I work on the Saturday, and it just ended up unfolding as it did.

"A white commodore pulled up and two blokes jumped out and had [stuff] round their faces so we instantly thought that was a bit suss and thought it was a stolen car and they were trying to hold the servo up but they ended up going into Oportos.

"So I went over and took the keys out of the ignition and tried to get the block in the servo to call the cops and it just went from there."

Taking matters into their own hands, were they at all worried that these guys might have had a knife or a gun?

"At one point when the driver jumped into the car and jumped back out he took off but the passenger jumped into the car and didn't move so I sort of jumped in and lent back a little bit and saw that he had his hands empty and he was just trying to cover his face. That's when I thought I should be pretty safe here. I just did what I could."

He must be an absolute hero on the Gold Coast?

"I don't really think it's a heroic thing. I think the thing that got to me the most, sort of looking at the car and instantly thinking it had been stolen that it was some poor bugger's car, or family car. It doesn't really rate high in my books."

Aussie Legends Foil Oporto Robbery



According to the Gold Coast Bulletin police now have a 23-year-old man in custody.

Give them their own crime fighting TV show!