Uber Are Offering Free Rides On Grand Final Day

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Uber Are Offering Free Rides On Grand Final Day

Uber and Carlton Draught are teaming up to offer footy fans in Melbourne FREE rides on AFL Grand Final Day.

The initiative is supported by DrinkWise, and it will provide AU$20 vouchers for use anywhere in Melbourne on Grand Final Day (September 30).

"Grand Final Day is one of the busiest days of the year for us, as millions of Melburnians from right across the city get together to celebrate the big dance." Uber State Manager for Victoria, Lucas Groenevel said.

"This year, we're proud to partner with CUB to offer footy fans their very own designated driver at the push of a button," Mr Groeneveld said. 

Carlton United Breweries CEO, Jan Craps, urged those having a drink on Grand Final Day to do the right thing. 

“We want people to enjoy football, the art of brewing and our products," Mr Craps said. 

"Quite simply, we do not want people to drink dangerously or behave irresponsibly. 

“As we head into footy finals season and the holidays we understand this is a period where people look to celebrate over a drink, and we are working to make sure we help to manage the negative behaviours that can be associated with alcohol.”

New and existing Uber users can register for their voucher at www.uber.com/gethome until 29 September, 2017.