UFC Fighter Makes Dream Come True For Super Fan With Down's Syndrome

Story of the year.

UFC Fighter Makes Dream Come True For Super Fan With Down's Syndrome

UFC fighters are known for having a hard edge about them inside the Octagon, but that certainly doesn't exclude them from committing unbelievable acts of kindness.

MMA star Diego Sanchez prove that and a whole lot more recently when he invited a super fan into the Octagon with him.

32-year-old UFC diehard, Isaac 'The Shermanator' Marquez, became friends with Sanchez after walking into his training facility in New Mexico and formed a special bond with the athlete.

Marquez had harboured dreams of following in his friends footsteps of becoming a UFC fighter, and Sanchez was extremely happy to help his mate for fill his dreams, announcing that The Shermanator would make his MMA debut against none other than Sanchez himself.

He even produced a promotional image and shared it on his Instagram account, with Marquez dedicating his debut fight to his mother who had passed away due to dementia.


The fight took place over the weekend, and, incredibly, having a superior height and weight advantage, Diego 'The Nightmare' Sanchez tapped out to a savage armbar, gifting The Shermanator a debut MMA fight victory.

Sanchez didn't hold any grudges after the loss though, lifting his mate onto his shoulders in celebration.


"Most down syndrome adults don't live past 45," Sanchez told local media before the bout.

"Isaac is 32, and I just wanted to see this young man be healthy. Exercise and martial arts are one of the most healthy things you can do.

"He came to just come and check out the gym and I told him, 'You like MMA?' and he said, 'I love fighting', and then I said, 'Alright. Well are you here to just watch or do you want to train?' and he said, 'I want to train'.

"So, I said 'alright let's do this'. He believes it with all of his heart, so I am going to make it happen."


The Shermanator has plans for retirement with an undefeated 1-0 fight record, but he will continue to train weekly with Sanchez.

What. A. Story.