UK Bloke Jailed For Flipping The Bird At Speed Cameras

A bit rude (finger).

UK Bloke Jailed For Flipping The Bird At Speed Cameras

A British bloke has been sentenced to eight months in the slammer after being pictured flipping off several speed cameras.

Timothy Hill reportedly fitted his white Range Rover with a laser jammer so that nobody would realise whose car it was, as he sped passed several speed cameras while driving over the speed limit and raising his middle finger.

Hats off to old mate, because no one really likes the idea of speed cameras, nor getting stung by them, but they are here for a reason - to help keep our roads safe.

Unfortunately for Timmy his plan to get a dog up the UK's speed cameras backfired spectacularly, and he is now serving eight months for perverting the course of justice.

He was caught after driving past mobile speed camera vans in North Yorkshire three times in December - flipping the bird to the camera every time.

Reportedly when Hill found out he was being investigated for fitting a jammer to his car, he threw it into a river behind his home in Grassington, North Yorkshire. 

Unfortunately for him though, police tracked him down anyway after examining the photographs and he told officers it couldn't have been him because he was 60 miles away.

He later admitted his guilt in an interview with police.