US News Host Spews On Live TV After Eating Spicy Chip

"Oh, Natalie threw up"

US News Host Spews On Live TV After Eating Spicy Chip

The beauty of live TV was once again on display over in the US last night - with a news anchor spewing up while the cameras were still rolling.

Natalie Tysdale, host of Denver's Channel 2 Daybreak was taking part in a One Chip Challenge, in which she and her co-hosts attempted to eat a potato chip made from 'the world's hottest chilli'.

Why anyone would choose to put themselves through something like that on live TV is beyond us, but Natalie and her co-hosts fanged into the insanely hot chips at will.

Unfortunately for Natalie, she didn't cope as well as her co-hosts; immediately reaching for her cup of water before putting her head under the desk where she then began to throw up at will.

"Oh Natalie’s losing her break-… oh, Natalie threw up,” says one of her coworkers.

You can here her moaning and dry retching while her cohosts ask for some assistance.

When asked post show if she had any advice for people thinking about trying the One Chip Challenge themselves, Natalie replied with: "Don't do it."

We'll take her word for it.