Why Red Wine Is Better Than White

It's International Red Wine Day

Why Red Wine Is Better Than White Getty Images

Author's note: This article is proudly sponsored by Liquor Barons. Close to home, far from ordinary. 

October 15th is International Red Wine Day and we want to celebrate it properly!

Here are eight reasons why red wine is better than white wine. 

1. It Tastes Better

Seriously, you can't argue with this. Red is the superior drop when it comes to rich, bold flavour. 



2. Red Wine Has More Antioxidants

Red wines are packed full of antioxidants like resveratrols, polyphenols and flavonoids. These have excellent health benefits like protecting your blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. 



3. It Goes Great With Chocolate

And if you drink your red wine with dark chocolate you'll get an extra antioxidant boost.



4. It Improves Your Meals

A steak wouldn't be the same without a glass of red wine!



5. Red Wine And Cheese Are The Perfect Match

Your cheese board isn't complete if there's no red wine to accompany it. 



6. It's Essential For Cooking

So many savoury recipes can be improved with a splash of red wine. Bolognese sauce without red wine isn't worth making at all!



7. You Can't Make Sangria Without Red Wine

Imagine Sangria made with white wine! It just wouldn't be right. 



8. You Can’t Pretend You're In An Episode of GoT Without It

Every episode of Game of Thrones is made better with it!!