You've Never Seen A Soccer Stadium Like This

Until Now...

You've Never Seen A Soccer Stadium Like This

Fed up with being Premier League bridesmaids for a while now, Tottenham Hotspur are having a "hold my beer" moment.

Spurs' new stadium will boast a world-first retractable football pitch.

A what you ask?

Well basically it's a grass surface which splits into three sections before retracting under the South Stand.

Underneath will rest an artificial turf handy for NFL matches, music concerts and other events that might take advantage of the 61,500 seat arena. In fact, this world's first pitch will be able to host BOTH soccer and NFL matches on the same day!


We're not kidding about NFL either.

Spurs have done a 10 year deal to host at least two American football matches on the new ground which is being built just down the road from White Hart Lane.

The guys in charge of building the retractable surface were also responsible for the retractable roof on Centre Court at Wimbledon - only this time they won't have to worry too much about getting scared of heights.

Should they pull it off, then don't be surprised to see similar slide in-slide out surfaces installed at other grounds around the world.


ANZ Stadium?

Adelaide Oval anyone?

Expect Tottenham's new stadium to be ready for the 2018-19 season, and check out how it will work in the video below.