Here’s How Haydo Is Going To Quit Smoking

Triple M Legend Going Off The Darts

Here’s How Haydo Is Going To Quit Smoking Pixabay

Our very own Iron Hayden is quitting the smokes. Haydo is documenting his struggles and experiences of this life-improving decision. Here's how the legend is going...

Haydo's New Blog: Week Six

Well… 6 weeks.


I genuinely thought I wouldn’t last 6 hours. So the fact I made it through ONE DAY without smokes is a miracle - definitely worth celebrating!

And while I’m at it, I'll share with you some other milestones I’ve notched up since quitting, according to the My Quit Buddy App.

I’ve saved $438. Nearly half a grand. And bugger me, it shows on the bank account. I can have chips with anything I want.

I've dodged 3,114MG of tar. Or should I say, my lungs have.

I've not had 444 smokes I normally would have.

It took longer than I thought, but my taste & smell have come back with a vengeance.

I never understood why people put on weight when they quit smoking. Based on the flavour of a 10-piece nugget meal, I know why I have...(don’t care, not sorry for sharing).

Shout out to everyone that went to Quit With Haydo and got on at ANY stage.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s a great thing to do.

Any advice I can give anyone wanting to quit, from a social smoker (scabs) to someone decades into their habit: its this.

Genuinely don’t look past the first week. Tackle that on it’s own because that is a beast in itself.

You can easily say to yourself I can’t be like this for good.

It’s not.

And if you happen to slip and light up for whatever reason, that’s fine. You’re human. Even Quitline will tell you that.

Fall off the wagon, get back on.

This is just the start for me. Im proud. I still miss smoking, and that makes me even more proud to NOT light up.



So, it’s been a week since I quit.

A few people thought that this was some kind of breakfast show stunt, or that Roo & Ditts were doing this for cheap laughs.

NO. This is a genuine crack at giving up the smokes. The main reason, I think it’s just time. And less & less people to duck out for a quick ciggie with, so it’s turned into a lonely, scorn-ridden event.

Even 10 meters away from ANYTHING, people stare at you lit up like you’re offering speed to students.

Not to mention, lighting up seems to be a beacon for people to “bother you for a ciggy?”

I don’t care if it’s the odd one here or there, but I handed out 7 in an hour near Rundle recently, and when some seen I have a fresh pack, they asked for “another one”?!

No. No you can’t. If I complain about the price of a pack of 20s forking out my own money, then I can either STFU or quit. So I have.

No Patches, No Inhalers. Clean break.


Week 1: WHAT THE _____ HAVE I DONE?!

I’m not a believer in telling yourself “you do not want (whatever) when you are trying to give something up. So don’t expect this blog to be preachy. I hate that anyway.

Fact is, you DO want it coz you love doing it. Fact. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t LOVE lighting up as soon as they feel they’ve earnt it.

Day 1,  even though I’m saying “no, you can’t have one” my body automatically gets up to have a smoke when I’m done doing anything!

Frustrating. As. Hell.

As a few days have gone by, I see the habit is more of a problem than the nicotine. How many smokes have I had just out of habit?! Id hate to think.

Getting in the car? Light up. End of a show? Light Up. Get off a plane. Light up. Aw here, we go… “NO YOU CANT HAVE ONE”


Some people need to be away from the smell of smoke, or people smoking for the first few days. That’s completely fine. I decided to say “stuff it” and jump in the deep end.

Went for a few beers last Friday and sat in the smoking area. Didn’t have one. Felt weird if anything. Its like when your phone goes flat when you’re out. Something is missing.

If I’m honest, I didn’t feel the need for a smoke, But I couldn’t help but think “aww that would be sooooo good right now”.

A few people have said “well, that’s passive smoking so in a way you fell off the wagon”

Firstly, get stuffed. Anyone sitting around smokers is FAR from lighting up yourself. You didn’t see me trying to breathe in and blow smoke rings.

Secondly, falling off the wagon after having ONE is not a problem. Whether its diet, smoking, drinking, Game Of Thrones…  get back on and out do yourself.


That my quit buddy app is pretty good. At this point in time its told me:

Smoke Free Time: 6 Days 7 Hours 24 Minutes

Dollars Saved: $74

Avoided: 529mg of Tar / 75 cigarettes / 60 dangerous chemicals


Do I feel different??? No. its been a week off the smokes after 24 years on them.

Do I NOTICE differences? Yes. There’s pretty much NO need for nicotine. Apparently in the first week, nicotine has left my blood.

The habit has me but it IS getting easier. It’s hard to distract yourself, and not thing about smoking when everyone askes “How’s quitting smoking going?”

Geez. People on your back since high school to quit smoking. You’d expect them to shut up about when you do. No. No they don’t.


But all in all, the biggest weapon is distraction. For those that are quitting with me, thank you. I get how hard it is. You get pissed off when your body goes to have one and you LITERALLY have to stop yourself and go “uh-uh”. If you can’t call Quitline. They don’t judge if you light one up. Its gonna happen. Guess how many burgers I tore through when I was on a health kick. Actually don’t.


But week one down, few upsides.

Distracting myself has resulted in my car being showroom clean, ash and that film that stains the window doesn’t happen, I smell better (as in my nose is sharper AND I don’t smell of smoke)

Weeded the garden, cleaned up the man-cave (even re-ran the cables)… and felt like a smoke after every single thing I finished.

Lets see how we go next week.



PS – Watch how many chewies you have… I repeat WATCH HOW MANY CHEWIES YOU HAVE (Apologies to my workmates)


- Iron Hayden