How To Keep Your Best Mate Cool When It's This Bloody Hot Outside

1. Don't leave 'em in the car

How To Keep Your Best Mate Cool When It's This Bloody Hot Outside DreamWorks

You may or may not have noticed but it's bloody hot outside today - which means it's the perfect time to remind you to look out for your dog.

And while we're going to assume you know to never, ever leave an animal in the car, there are a few other ways to make sure your best mate can cool down as the temperature rises.

1. Keep him off the footpath

You know the rule: If the ground is too hot for you to walk on in bare feet, it's too hot for your dog. Their paw pads can easily burn and because they're so low to the ground, they can quickly overheat. Try to keep walks to a minimum, and aim to take them out in the early morning or later in the evening if necessary.

2. Make him an ice-block

If you're going to be out for a few hours, fill an empty ice-cream tub with water and chuck it in the freezer overnight. Your dog will have a steady supply of cool water as the ice melts throughout the day.

3. Give him the right kind of haircut

It's time for a trim - but not too much of a trim. While you can certainly lighten up a dog's coat to avoid overheating, it's recommended that you leave about 2.5cm of hair to protect their skin and prevent sunburn.

4. Fill up the paddling pool

There's no joy like that of a dog splashing through a paddling pool on a hot day. If you can't hit the beach, set up an inflatable pool or a sprinkler in the backyard to give them a chance to have a swim and lower their body temperature.

5. Loosen his muzzle

Muzzles restrict a dog's ability to pant - and, in turn, cool themselves down. Give it a rest when it's super hot.

6. Don't leave him in the car

Yes, we already covered it and it may sound obvious but people still do it. The inside of a car can reach oven-like temperatures in minutes so leaving your dog behind when you run even the quickest of errands is a massive no-no. Take them with you or leave them at home.