Mark Bouris On How You Should Set Up Your Business For Growth

Setting your business for success

The Mentor Mark Bouris on getting your business set up right from the start for success.

Setting up and starting a new business requires time to build your plan.  Not taking the time to build your plan and strategy for success can be costly.

Mark Bouris gives you his tips on what you need to think about when starting out a business.  It’s about strategy, about finding the right people to help you along the way and knowing when to get on the tools and when to step back and take stock of how things are going.

Get these tips from Mark and more on his weekly podcast, “The Mentor with Mark Bouris”.  It’s the podcast for small business owners who are working hard to make it happen. 

Mark speaks to business owners and entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick and the challenges they face in growing their business.  He also passes on his own guidance on how to take their business to the next level.  For the small business owners he has on his podcast, it’s their chance to step back and check that they are taking all the right steps to grow their business.

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