Merv Hughes Has Lost A Fair Bit Of Weight With The Man Shake

On ya, Merv!

Merv Hughes Has Lost A Fair Bit Of Weight With The Man Shake

Merv Hughes has dropped an impressive 15kg in weight and is now at the lightest he's been in years.

Not-quite-as-Big Merv is putting his weight loss down to the Man Shake. He's been following the program established by former Rugby League legend Adam MacDougall for the past three months with impressive results.

Part of the attraction for Merv was to lose weight without losing the beers.

MacDougall is one of Australia's most successful sports stars turned entrepreneurs and his program is about to appear on televisions across the country thanks to a new "Shake It Off" campaign featuring Merv and AFL legend and Triple M Footy's Paul Roos

"I am very excited about the launch of our new health campaign aimed at men. The reality is Aussies and Men in particular are facing a health crisis with our waist lines expanding rapidly and as a result of this there has been a subsequent rise in many illnesses from diabetes to heart disease. 

“This problem deserves more attention and I believe this campaign has the power to not only start these much needed conversation's but to also create action by Aussie men" MacDougall said. 

Paul Roos said, "It's been wonderful working with Adam and The Man Shake for the past two years as I'm a firm believer in him and his products. Dieting and the journey of weight loss is so daunting and Adam has made it easy."

Well done to Merv on his loss. Looking forward to him being in even better shape by the time he rejoins the Triple M Rocks Cricket team for our call of the Ashes later this year. 

Catch the new video featuring MacDougall, Roos and Merv Hughes here: