Motley Fool Money: What's Up With Telstra?

What's Up With Telstra?

Motley Fool Money: What's Up With Telstra?

Scott Philips and Andrew Page from The Motley Fool Australia, Triple M's own financial gurus, have got a jam-packed show this week.

First up, it's an "Earnings Palooza" with reports from TABCorp, Virtus and Aconex

No one could fail to have missed the Telstra issues this week as one of their key centres in Western Australia suffered from a fire causing outages across their network. It's not the first problem for the telco giants, but what do they mean for the investor?

Next there has been a (sort of) resurgence in electric vehicles in recent years. Who is responsible for the death and rebirth of the electric car?

And lastly on Motley Fool Money, the big news in money world this week was Snapchat filing for an IPO. The Fools tell us whta that's all about/

Until next week, Fool On!