The 10 Best Sports To Get Your Kids Into

How to get your kids into sport

The 10 Best Sports To Get Your Kids Into

Kids love sport. And there's a sport for every kid. But it can be hard to know just how to get them into it. 

There are plenty of clubs out there to help guide children in their lifelong love of sport, but the first steps on that journey come down to the parents. So here's a guide to the best sports for your youngsters that you might never have thought of:

Aussie Rules

The AusKick programme has sent millions of young Aussies into the world of sport and continues to bring joy to children every weekend throughout the footy season. Starting out with simple games and coaching drills to get the kids as much time handling the ball as possible to build their skills, they soon step up to playing games and being part of a team with the best mates they’ll ever make. You may even get the chance to run on the oval in half-time of AFL games!




Most parks in Australia boast at least one court or half-court and throughout the year you’ll see kids shooting hoops. The great thing with basketball is that even if they’ve got nobody to play with, practicising is still fun. Or they can step it up with a little one-on-one against dad or their mates. That’s a natural springboard to set them up for competition at school and maybe even a team. The sport is so good for cardio and movement, plus hand-eye co-ordination, it’s a winner no matter your age.



The MiloIn2Cricket programme is probably the best sports programmes for kids anywhere in the world. From the earliest age, young ones play games with bat and ball with expert coaches that start them on a clear pathway towards T20 Blast, then youth cricket with a hard ball. No wonder so many enjoy it and Australia have such an impressive conveyor belt of cricket talent always emerging. For that, give thanks to the youth development programme and number of kids who participate nearly as soon as they’ve mastered walking.



We all know kids love bikes. And joining a cycling club is a perfect way to skill up while learning great routes in a safe environment. They’ll make lifelong friends at the same time, maybe even enter some competitions. The route to the Tour De France starts here.


Martial Arts

Outstanding for learning discipline, control, balance, and hand-eye co-ordination. Also huge benefits for your child’s personal safety. Martial arts teach skills that last a lifetime.



One of the most participated in sports in the country, Netball is brilliant for movement, and ball skills. Developing handling, quick passing and tactical skills in a team environment mark Netball out as a proven winner time and again. Understanding your role within the team and playing competitively takes the basics they learn shooting the ball into the net at school to the next level.


Rugby League

The best thing you can do for a kid is get them involved in team sports and what team sport is better than rugby league? You have to work together, improve personal fitness, technical skills and hand-eye co-ordination. Plus players get into a culture of respect and what it means to wear a badge on your chest, to represent your club with pride. The sheer joy in a kids’ eyes as they nail a tackle, kick, pass or – best of all - score a try is a proud moment for any parent.




So easy to get into. All you need is a ball. In the park or the garden at home, you can use trees or jumpers for goalposts and get your kid to score goals or practice headers and volleys with you. As they get older and more invested, lay down some cones to practice passing and dribbling, until they’re running rings around you. Before making it big at the world’s best football clubs, just about every successful soccer player from David Beckham to Timmy Cahill started knocking the ball around at home with their old man, and even if they don’t make it that big, the joy the sport brings is universally known.



Nippers - one of the great Aussie traditions for kids. Fun times and learning handy lessons about being safe in the ocean, and watchig out for your mates, this is a club that everyone loves and takes lessons and happy memories from throughout their life. Every year sees more than 30,000 Aussie kids aged 5-14 benefit from being a Nipper. 



Trampolines are a common sight in Australian back (or front) yards. They’re just so much fun. Kids love them. They burn off a ton of energy, while trying out some tricks and skills, and having a blast. And with the recent growth in trampolining centres, the sport is a popular option for kids parties, leading to many getting the bug for competitive trampolining and joining clubs as a result.


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